Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Put VOACAP into your pocket

If you do not know it already, let me reveal a secret: you can carry VOACAP prediction software in your pocket. No tedious installation of VOACAP nor internet connection required!

I am talking about DroidProp, a smartphone app for Android Phones. The author is Jochen DG1PSI, and the download page is here:

A description from the page:

"DroidProp is professional HF propagation prediction software for 3 to 30 MHz, powered by VOACAP (Voice of America Coverage Analysis Program). This app is mainly intended for ham radio operators and SWLs (shortwave listeners).

All calculations are done in the device. No Internet connection is required, except for automatic updates of the sunspot numbers at regular intervals.

Due to the usage of a full fledged VOACAP installation, the app has to be installed in the phone-internal memory (APP2SD is not possible). This is due to technical restrictions. It requires about 9 MB (after installation) flash storage plus approx. 120 kB / prediction.

The app is still in early beta stage. Please report back errors found.

INTERNET: Required to download current SSN data and upload problem reports (can be disabled in settings)
EXTERNAL STORAGE: Required to dump VOACAP results to SD-card (new since 0.5.10 beta)
LOCATION: Required to use current position for a site."

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